Command LineΒΆ

                    [-h] [-cf CONFIG] [-a AUTH_SERVICE] [-u USERNAME]
                    [-p PASSWORD] [-w WORKERS] [-asi ACCOUNT_SEARCH_INTERVAL]
                    [-ari ACCOUNT_REST_INTERVAL] [-ac ACCOUNTCSV] [-bh]
                    [-wph WORKERS_PER_HIVE] [-l LOCATION] [-nj]
                    [-st STEP_LIMIT] [-sd SCAN_DELAY]
                    [--spawn-delay SPAWN_DELAY] [-enc] [-cs] [-ck CAPTCHA_KEY]
                    [-cds CAPTCHA_DSK] [-ed ENCOUNTER_DELAY]
                    [-ewht ENCOUNTER_WHITELIST | -eblk ENCOUNTER_BLACKLIST]
                    [-ld LOGIN_DELAY] [-lr LOGIN_RETRIES] [-mf MAX_FAILURES]
                    [-me MAX_EMPTY] [-bsr BAD_SCAN_RETRY]
                    [-msl MIN_SECONDS_LEFT] [-dc] [-H HOST] [-P PORT]
                    [-L LOCALE] [-c] [-m MOCK] [-ns] [-os] [-nsc] [-fl] -k
                    GMAPS_KEY [--skip-empty] [-C] [-D DB] [-cd] [-np] [-ng]
                    [-nk] [-ss [SPAWNPOINT_SCANNING]] [-speed] [-kph KPH]
                    [--dump-spawnpoints] [-pd PURGE_DATA] [-px PROXY] [-pxsc]
                    [-pxt PROXY_TIMEOUT] [-pxd PROXY_DISPLAY]
                    [-pxf PROXY_FILE] [-pxr PROXY_REFRESH]
                    [-pxo PROXY_ROTATION] [--db-type DB_TYPE]
                    [--db-name DB_NAME] [--db-user DB_USER]
                    [--db-pass DB_PASS] [--db-host DB_HOST]
                    [--db-port DB_PORT]
                    [--db-max_connections DB_MAX_CONNECTIONS]
                    [--db-threads DB_THREADS] [-wh WEBHOOKS] [-gi]
                    [--disable-clean] [--webhook-updates-only]
                    [--wh-threads WH_THREADS] [-whr WH_RETRIES]
                    [-wht WH_TIMEOUT] [-whbf WH_BACKOFF_FACTOR]
                    [-whlfu WH_LFU_SIZE] [--ssl-certificate SSL_CERTIFICATE]
                    [--ssl-privatekey SSL_PRIVATEKEY] [-ps [logs]]
                    [-slt STATS_LOG_TIMER] [-sn STATUS_NAME]
                    [-spp STATUS_PAGE_PASSWORD] [-hk HASH_KEY] [-tut]
                    [-el ENCRYPT_LIB] [-odt ON_DEMAND_TIMEOUT]
                    [-v [filename.log] | -vv [filename.log]]

Args that start with '--' (eg. -a) can also be set in a config file
(default: <PokemonGo-Map Project Root>/config/config.ini or specified
via -cf). The recognized syntax for setting (key, value) pairs is based on the
INI and YAML formats (e.g. key=value or foo=TRUE). For full documentation of
the differences from the standards please refer to the ConfigArgParse
documentation. If an arg is specified in more than one place, then commandline
values override environment variables which override config file values which
override defaults.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit [env var:
  -cf CONFIG, --config CONFIG
                        Configuration file.  See docs/extras/
  -a AUTH_SERVICE, --auth-service AUTH_SERVICE
                        Auth Services, either one for all accounts or one per
                        account: ptc or google. Defaults all to ptc. [env var:
  -u USERNAME, --username USERNAME
                        Usernames, one per account. [env var:
  -p PASSWORD, --password PASSWORD
                        Passwords, either single one for all accounts or one
                        per account. [env var: POGOMAP_PASSWORD]
  -w WORKERS, --workers WORKERS
                        Number of search worker threads to start. Defaults to
                        the number of accounts specified. [env var:
                        Seconds for accounts to search before switching to a
                        new account. 0 to disable. [env var:
                        Seconds for accounts to rest when they fail or are
                        switched out [env var: POGOMAP_ACCOUNT_REST_INTERVAL]
  -ac ACCOUNTCSV, --accountcsv ACCOUNTCSV
                        Load accounts from CSV file containing
                        "auth_service,username,passwd" lines [env var:
  -bh, --beehive        Use beehive configuration for multiple accounts, one
                        account per hex. Make sure to keep -st under 5, and -w
                        under the total amount of accounts available. [env
                        var: POGOMAP_BEEHIVE]
  -wph WORKERS_PER_HIVE, --workers-per-hive WORKERS_PER_HIVE
                        Only referenced when using --beehive. Sets number of
                        workers per hive. Default value is 1. [env var:
  -l LOCATION, --location LOCATION
                        Location, can be an address or coordinates [env var:
  -nj, --no-jitter      Don't apply random -9m to +9m jitter to location. [env
                        var: POGOMAP_NO_JITTER]
  -st STEP_LIMIT, --step-limit STEP_LIMIT
                        Steps. [env var: POGOMAP_STEP_LIMIT]
  -sd SCAN_DELAY, --scan-delay SCAN_DELAY
                        Time delay between requests in scan threads. [env var:
  --spawn-delay SPAWN_DELAY
                        Number of seconds after spawn time to wait before
                        scanning to be sure the Pokemon is there. [env var:
  -enc, --encounter     Start an encounter to gather IVs and moves. [env var:
  -cs, --captcha-solving
                        Enables captcha solving. [env var:
  -ck CAPTCHA_KEY, --captcha-key CAPTCHA_KEY
                        2Captcha API key. [env var: POGOMAP_CAPTCHA_KEY]
  -cds CAPTCHA_DSK, --captcha-dsk CAPTCHA_DSK
                        PokemonGo captcha data-sitekey. [env var:
  -ed ENCOUNTER_DELAY, --encounter-delay ENCOUNTER_DELAY
                        Time delay between encounter pokemon in scan threads.
                        [env var: POGOMAP_ENCOUNTER_DELAY]
                        List of Pokemon to encounter for more stats. [env var:
                        List of Pokemon to NOT encounter for more stats. [env
                        var: POGOMAP_ENCOUNTER_BLACKLIST]
  -ld LOGIN_DELAY, --login-delay LOGIN_DELAY
                        Time delay between each login attempt. [env var:
  -lr LOGIN_RETRIES, --login-retries LOGIN_RETRIES
                        Number of login attempts before refreshing a thread.
                        [env var: POGOMAP_LOGIN_RETRIES]
  -mf MAX_FAILURES, --max-failures MAX_FAILURES
                        Maximum number of failures to parse locations before
                        an account will go into a sleep for -ari/--account-
                        rest-interval seconds. [env var: POGOMAP_MAX_FAILURES]
  -me MAX_EMPTY, --max-empty MAX_EMPTY
                        Maximum number of empty scans before an account will
                        go into a sleep for -ari/--account-rest-interval
                        seconds. Reasonable to use with proxies. [env var:
  -bsr BAD_SCAN_RETRY, --bad-scan-retry BAD_SCAN_RETRY
                        Number of bad scans before giving up on a step.
                        Default 2, 0 to disable. [env var:
  -msl MIN_SECONDS_LEFT, --min-seconds-left MIN_SECONDS_LEFT
                        Time that must be left on a spawn before considering
                        it too late and skipping it. For example 600 would
                        skip anything with < 10 minutes remaining. Default 0.
                        [env var: POGOMAP_MIN_SECONDS_LEFT]
  -dc, --display-in-console
                        Display Found Pokemon in Console. [env var:
  -H HOST, --host HOST Set web server listening host. [env var: POGOMAP_HOST]
  -P PORT, --port PORT Set web server listening port. [env var: POGOMAP_PORT]
  -L LOCALE, --locale LOCALE
                        Locale for Pokemon names (default: en, check
                        static/dist/locales for more). [env var:
  -c, --china           Coordinates transformer for China. [env var:
  -m MOCK, --mock MOCK  Mock mode - point to a fpgo endpoint instead of using
                        the real PogoApi, ec: [env var:
  -ns, --no-server      No-Server Mode. Starts the searcher but not the
                        Webserver. [env var: POGOMAP_NO_SERVER]
  -os, --only-server    Server-Only Mode. Starts only the Webserver without
                        the searcher. [env var: POGOMAP_ONLY_SERVER]
  -nsc, --no-search-control
                        Disables search control. [env var:
  -fl, --fixed-location
                        Hides the search bar for use in shared maps. [env var:
  -k GMAPS_KEY, --gmaps-key GMAPS_KEY
                        Google Maps Javascript API Key. [env var:
  --skip-empty          Enables skipping of empty cells in normal scans -
                        requires previously populated database (not to be used
                        with -ss) [env var: POGOMAP_SKIP_EMPTY]
  -C, --cors            Enable CORS on web server. [env var: POGOMAP_CORS]
  -D DB, --db DB        Database filename for SQLite. [env var: POGOMAP_DB]
  -cd, --clear-db       Deletes the existing database before starting the
                        Webserver. [env var: POGOMAP_CLEAR_DB]
  -np, --no-pokemon     Disables Pokemon from the map (including parsing them
                        into local db.) [env var: POGOMAP_NO_POKEMON]
  -ng, --no-gyms        Disables Gyms from the map (including parsing them
                        into local db). [env var: POGOMAP_NO_GYMS]
  -nk, --no-pokestops   Disables PokeStops from the map (including parsing
                        them into local db). [env var: POGOMAP_NO_POKESTOPS]
  -ss [SPAWNPOINT_SCANNING], --spawnpoint-scanning [SPAWNPOINT_SCANNING]
                        Use spawnpoint scanning (instead of hex grid). Scans
                        in a circle based on step_limit when on DB. [env var:
  -speed, --speed-scan  Use speed scanning to identify spawn points and then
                        scan closest spawns. [env var: POGOMAP_SPEED_SCAN]
  -kph KPH, --kph KPH   Set a maximum speed in km/hour for scanner movement.
                        [env var: POGOMAP_KPH]
  --dump-spawnpoints    Dump the spawnpoints from the db to json (only for use
                        with -ss). [env var: POGOMAP_DUMP_SPAWNPOINTS]
  -pd PURGE_DATA, --purge-data PURGE_DATA
                        Clear Pokemon from database this many hours after they
                        disappear (0 to disable). [env var:
  -px PROXY, --proxy PROXY
                        Proxy url (e.g. socks5:// [env var:
  -pxsc, --proxy-skip-check
                        Disable checking of proxies before start. [env var:
  -pxt PROXY_TIMEOUT, --proxy-timeout PROXY_TIMEOUT
                        Timeout settings for proxy checker in seconds. [env
                        var: POGOMAP_PROXY_TIMEOUT]
  -pxd PROXY_DISPLAY, --proxy-display PROXY_DISPLAY
                        Display info on which proxy being used (index or
                        full). To be used with -ps. [env var:
  -pxf PROXY_FILE, --proxy-file PROXY_FILE
                        Load proxy list from text file (one proxy per line),
                        overrides -px/--proxy. [env var: POGOMAP_PROXY_FILE]
  -pxr PROXY_REFRESH, --proxy-refresh PROXY_REFRESH
                        Period of proxy file reloading, in seconds. Works only
                        with -pxf/--proxy-file. (0 to disable). [env var:
  -pxo PROXY_ROTATION, --proxy-rotation PROXY_ROTATION
                        Enable proxy rotation with account changing for search
                        threads (none/round/random). [env var:
  --db-type DB_TYPE     Type of database to be used (default: sqlite). [env
                        var: POGOMAP_DB_TYPE]
  --db-name DB_NAME     Name of the database to be used. [env var:
  --db-user DB_USER     Username for the database. [env var: POGOMAP_DB_USER]
  --db-pass DB_PASS     Password for the database. [env var: POGOMAP_DB_PASS]
  --db-host DB_HOST     IP or hostname for the database. [env var:
  --db-port DB_PORT     Port for the database. [env var: POGOMAP_DB_PORT]
  --db-max_connections DB_MAX_CONNECTIONS
                        Max connections (per thread) for the database. [env
                        var: POGOMAP_DB_MAX_CONNECTIONS]
  --db-threads DB_THREADS
                        Number of db threads; increase if the db queue falls
                        behind. [env var: POGOMAP_DB_THREADS]
  -wh WEBHOOKS, --webhook WEBHOOKS
                        Define URL(s) to POST webhook information to. [env
                        var: POGOMAP_WEBHOOK]
  -gi, --gym-info       Get all details about gyms (causes an additional API
                        hit for every gym). [env var: POGOMAP_GYM_INFO]
  --disable-clean       Disable clean db loop. [env var:
                        Only send updates (Pokemon & lured pokestops). [env
                        var: POGOMAP_WEBHOOK_UPDATES_ONLY]
  --wh-threads WH_THREADS
                        Number of webhook threads; increase if the webhook
                        queue falls behind. [env var: POGOMAP_WH_THREADS]
  -whr WH_RETRIES, --wh-retries WH_RETRIES
                        Number of times to retry sending webhook data on
                        failure. [env var: POGOMAP_WH_RETRIES]
  -wht WH_TIMEOUT, --wh-timeout WH_TIMEOUT
                        Timeout (in seconds) for webhook requests. [env var:
  -whbf WH_BACKOFF_FACTOR, --wh-backoff-factor WH_BACKOFF_FACTOR
                        Factor (in seconds) by which the delay until next
                        retry will increase. [env var:
  -whlfu WH_LFU_SIZE, --wh-lfu-size WH_LFU_SIZE
                        Webhook LFU cache max size. [env var:
  --ssl-certificate SSL_CERTIFICATE
                        Path to SSL certificate file. [env var:
  --ssl-privatekey SSL_PRIVATEKEY
                        Path to SSL private key file. [env var:
  -ps [logs], --print-status [logs]
                        Show a status screen instead of log messages. Can
                        switch between status and logs by pressing enter.
                        Optionally specify "logs" to startup in logging mode.
                        [env var: POGOMAP_PRINT_STATUS]
  -slt STATS_LOG_TIMER, --stats-log-timer STATS_LOG_TIMER
                        In log view, list per hr stats every X seconds [env
                        var: POGOMAP_STATS_LOG_TIMER]
  -sn STATUS_NAME, --status-name STATUS_NAME
                        Enable status page database update using STATUS_NAME
                        as main worker name. [env var: POGOMAP_STATUS_NAME]
  -spp STATUS_PAGE_PASSWORD, --status-page-password STATUS_PAGE_PASSWORD
                        Set the status page password. [env var:
  -hk HASH_KEY, --hash-key HASH_KEY
                        Key for hash server [env var: POGOMAP_HASH_KEY]
  -tut, --complete-tutorial
                        Complete ToS and tutorial steps on accounts if they
                        haven't already. [env var: POGOMAP_COMPLETE_TUTORIAL]
  -el ENCRYPT_LIB, --encrypt-lib ENCRYPT_LIB
                        Path to encrypt lib to be used instead of the shipped
                        ones. [env var: POGOMAP_ENCRYPT_LIB]
  -odt ON_DEMAND_TIMEOUT, --on-demand_timeout ON_DEMAND_TIMEOUT
                        Pause searching while web UI is inactive for this
                        timeout(in seconds). [env var:
  -v [filename.log], --verbose [filename.log]
                        Show debug messages from PokemonGo-Map and pgoapi.
                        Optionally specify file to log to. [env var:
  -vv [filename.log], --very-verbose [filename.log]
                        Like verbose, but show debug messages from all modules
                        as well. Optionally specify file to log to. [env var: